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The Chip Caddy by PoolCube
The PoolCube; Chip Caddy is designed to meet all of the physical and mathematical standards of a casino chip rack, with one vital difference. The bottom of the Chip Caddy is made of a piece of micro-urethane material that is soft to the touch and has a gripping effect when placed on a smooth or even slightly curved surface like the rails of a pool table. This prevents the Chip Caddy from scratching or sliding off of the rails of a pool table.
This material is approximately 3 millimeters thick and is affixed inside of a 2 millimeter cut out on the bottom of the Chip Caddy. This allows for the Chip Caddy to “float” on the side rail. The Chip Caddy itself never touches the pool table.
The Chip Caddy is made of a special high quality plastic and space age anodized gold extruded aluminum chip channels.
The Chip Caddy is utilitarian in nature with its design as non-intrusive, attractive and convenient as possible. Pool table owners have no objection to using the Chip Caddy on their pool table.
Casino 9 Ball (Pool Room Version) Game Set Components

  • PoolCubes (3)
  • Chip Caddys (2)
  • Chip Caddy Soft Bottom (2)
  • Poker Chips (100)
  • Game Set Stackable Holder (1)
  • Special Striped 5, 6,7, & 8 balls used in handicapping.
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