How to Play

A PoolCube is a 6 sided die with numbers that double on the first 5 sides with the 6th side having the words “Lose Your Break”.

There are 3 different PoolCubes:
1. The “small blind” PoolCube 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, Lose Your Break.
2. The “big blind” PoolCube 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, Lose Your Break.
3. The “big dog” PoolCube 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, Lose Your Break.

These 3 PoolCubes are used in the game “Casino Billiards;”. In this game, the PoolCubes are designed to mimic the gambling characteristics of craps, poker and backgammon. With 100 poker chips (50 for each player) representing the (Points) being played for in a match, the number on the PoolCube represents a gambling value (chips)that the players are wagering on the outcome of any given rack of any game of pool.

Each of the 3 PoolCubes; are used in a predetermined number of racks resulting in higher and higher wagers while forcing an eventual conclusion of a match…where one player wins all of the 100 Chips (points).

Example: The first 3 racks are played while using the small blind PoolCube;; the next 3 racks are played while using the Big Blind; all subsequent racks are played while using the big dog PoolCube.
The PoolCubes are designed to be rolled on a pool table from the head rail to the foot rail before the player breaks the rack. This roll either establishes the number of chips (or points) that this rack is being played for; or, if “Lose Your Break” is rolled, the player “craps out” or loses his break to the opposing player.

Subsequently, during play in this rack the players may elect to double the amount of Chips (points) being played for by doubling the PoolCube over to the next highest number and presenting it to their opponent. The opponent then must decide to either play the rack for the increased number or concede the rack and pay the original number in chips (points) to the doubling player.
The purpose of having 3 PoolCubes each with the numbers doubled is to increase the size of the pot (the number of chips) points being played for in a rack to force a conclusion to a match.
The numbers on the PoolCubes, the number of chips (100) in the game, the “Lose Your Break” feature and the methodologies using them together in a game of billiards/pool are the result of much calculating and many trial and errors. The PoolCube(s) is actually the heart and soul of the Casino Billiards™ Gaming system.